Upcoming Events That I Will Be Doing Readings and/or Presentations At

A Reminder about our first indoor Pop-Up Market here at the center! We are so excited to able to bring you so many amazing vendors and practitioners on December 9th, 15th & 16th. It is FREE to come in to look around!
Our first day is December 9th from 1-6pm. On this day you will find 4 Vendors (Yes, we added one! couldn’t help it! It’s too good to contain!!!) and 4 Practitioners.
​Luminate Goodness and their yummy candles will be there! This is a company focused on producing safe and non-toxic candles. All candles are hand poured with soy wax produced from sustainable US grown soybeans and are fragranced with clean scents, free from carcinogenic and reproductive toxins. Enjoy a burn you can feel good about!
Melanie Snow and her Essential Oils, Lava Stone Bracelets, Bath Salts, Sugar Scrubs, Stuff for your hair and lots of sprays for your every days!
​Angela Callahan will have amazing singing bowls, incense directly from Japan, mala bracelets and offers to put in special orders!
​MARVAlous Kreation’Z will be there with a scrumptious array of wax melts, candles, body butters, body oils, soaps and more!! All created with natural ingredients, herbs, positive energy and Love!
Our practitioners will consist of our beautiful and gifted:
Gemini Rose who will be reading Tarot for your entertainment pleasure! Alex said: Roses readings are detailed and intuitively accurate. e energy and comfort level she creates is cathartic and akin to therapy. She handled my questions with care and gave me the confidence and clarity I needed. – Alex C.
Reiki by our beautiful in-house Reiki practitioner Mikayla Wright. Mel says Mikayla has so much beautiful energy. Her Reiki sessions are so relaxing. I could just feel the shifts in my body! -Mel M.
Palm Reading by Marie Inglee. Marie says: You are an embodied soul, unique in the universe. No other human is exactly like you. Studying your palm, hands and fingerprints reveals your one of a kind blueprint to life.As you change, your hands change, especially in your dominant hand. Your soul imprints on the fingers and palms of each hand, as a reminder of what you came to do, how you came to be, who you really are.
There will also be:
Ear Beads with Acupressure by Kristy Cable. Our self-defense specialist as well as a certified Acupuncture Detox Specialist since July 2022
AND!!! Mini Massage sessions with our in-house massage therapist Ying Mix!
It’s FREE to come in and look around.
400 Plaza Drive, Vestal, New York 13850, United States