If you don’t know who you really are, you’ll never know what you really want ~ Roy T. Bennett

You are an embodied soul, unique in the universe. No other human is exactly like you. Studying your palm, hands and fingerprints reveals your one of a kind blueprint to life. Your soul imprints on the fingers, fingerprints, and palms of each hand, as a reminder of what you came to do, how you came to be, who you really are. The dominant hand is the hand that shows your lived experience, the NOW, your out in the world hand Non-Dominant Hand - your Destiny Hand, what you came to do, your personal life hand. A reading from me will help you uncover Who you are, How You are, Why You Are, Where to Focus, Challenges to overcome, Best strategies to approach a problem and What Your Soul Wants You To Know (how best to connect with the Divine) You can learn as little or as much about your authentic self as you wish. It’s up to you. How deep do you want to dive?